GetWise primary

Our primary programme

Specifically tailored to each individual age group, our award-winning ASB GetWise primary programme blends teacher resourcing capability alongside world-class face-to-face content in entertaining, educative, and exciting ways. Our professionally trained facilitators tailor their delivery to the individual needs of each class in order to attain maximum impact while maintaining the key financial literacy concepts based on the New Zealand curriculum, the Financial Capabilities Framework, and global best practice in financial literacy education.

All resources and workshops are completely free and are not used to sell or promote banking products or services. Find out what each workshop offers below:

Year 0 – 2

With our younger students there is an emphasis on teacher support through the provision of a series of interactive, fun, and practical teacher resource materials. This enables teachers to have the best opportunity and confidence to engage and have fun with their students in the most practical way possible, and in the best learning environment.

Resource concepts include:

  • What money is
  • Identifying notes and coins
  • Saving and the importance of keeping money safe
  • The difference between needs and wants
  • Learning to save, spend, and share

Year 3 – 4

At this age we provide ONE free 45-minute face-to-face professionally facilitated workshop per class with accompanying teacher and parent resource activities and games. Students get to meet ‘Coach Cash’ who whips Year 3 and 4 students into action to become lean, mean, and financially fit ‘Cashletes’ by learning about different forms of money and where it comes from, before sending them on an assault course of earning with the dreaded ‘Chore-athon’, and the value of patience and smart-thinking with the ‘Supermarket’ challenge.

Workshop concepts include:

  • Where money comes from
  • Debit cards (invisible money)
  • Earning money through chores or pocket money
  • How to save through spending
  • Comparative shopping

Year 5 – 6

At this year level classes get the choice of ONE or TWO professionally facilitated 45-minute workshops with accompanying teacher and parent resource activities and games. Students can start being much more creative and entrepreneurial with their earnings, saving and spending, or explore the opportunity to start saving for what they need while setting up their very own CASH goals.

Concepts covered in workshop 1:

  • Setting up a savings goal
  • Using a CASH goal (or basic budget) to get things you want

Concepts covered in workshop 2:

  • Different ways to earn
  • Establishing a small business

Register your school

ASB GetWise has facilitators based in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, but they are committed to travelling to school communities across New Zealand.

We will be scheduling regional roadshows to areas outside the main metropolitan areas, so schools from Kaitaia to Invercargill will be able to book ASB GetWise facilitators to come to their school and present to their students.

Wherever you are – get in touch today! We’re looking forward to visiting your school soon!

Our programmes and resources

Intermediate programme

Our intermediate programme delivers two unique face-to-face workshop experiences on budgeting and smart spending concepts. One workshop includes the use of augmented reality (AR) technology and all classes gain access to a free online learning platform for further reinforcement of teaching concepts.

GetWise digital

ASB GetWise can now offer online accessibility for Year 7 and 8 students that are unable to take advantage of our face-to-face programme through both an online learning platform, and a downloadable augmented reality resource for learning at home.

Additional resources

All of our content is fully supported by teacher- and parent-based resource materials to promote ongoing learning in schools and at home. This section also provides promotional materials for newsletters, blogs, or social media posts to connect what is learnt to our communities and beyond.