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ASB GetWise

ASB GetWise is a financial literacy programme inspiring students to be confident with money. It provides professionally facilitated classroom workshops, resources, and digital tools completely free of charge for primary and intermediate students across New Zealand.

ASB GetWise is mapped against curriculum-based outcomes and best practice, all designed in collaboration with leading experts in primary education, financial literacy and cognitive development. The programme does not promote any banking products or services.

ASB GetWise has been available for primary and intermediate schools across New Zealand since 2010 and is booked solid every year. Register your interest today!

Getwise launches extension unit in te reo Māori

Tikitiki o Pūtea is a financial literacy initiative rooted in Kaupapa Māori principles, launched in 2023 as an extension of Getwise. Designed for kura and Māori language immersion classes at levels MLL1 and 2, Tikitiki o Pūtea aims to empower young ākonga to become financial leaders within their whānau, hapū, and iwi.

Featuring in-person workshops led by expert facilitators and supplemented with resources, the program caters to students from Year 3 to Year 8, all at no cost. Grounded in Te Ao Māori worldview, it is delivered exclusively in Te Reo Māori, aligning with Te Marautanga Māori, NZ Curriculum, and NZ financial capability progressions to ensure meeting learning objectives.

Our programmes and resources

Primary programme

Our primary programme supports schools and teachers with interactive resources and workshops for years 3-6. From delivering the basics of understanding the concept of money and its values, through to the effectiveness of introductory goal setting and earning money.

Intermediate programme

Our intermediate programme delivers two unique face-to-face workshop experiences on budgeting and smart spending concepts. One workshop includes the use of augmented reality technology and all classes gain access to a free online learning platform for further reinforcement of teaching concepts.

Additional resources

All of our content is fully supported by teacher- and parent-based resource materials to promote ongoing learning in schools and at home. This section also provides promotional materials for newsletters, blogs, or social media posts to connect what is learnt to our communities and beyond.

Register your school

ASB GetWise has facilitators based in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, but they are committed to travelling to school communities across New Zealand.

We will be scheduling regional roadshows to areas outside the main metropolitan areas, so schools from Kaitaia to Invercargill will be able to book ASB GetWise facilitators to come to their school and present to their students.

Wherever you are – get in touch today! We’re looking forward to visiting your school soon!