Augmented reality

Star Shopper App

The Star Shopper app takes you on a shopping trip on a planet far away from Earth. It is designed with augmented reality (AR) technology so you can travel to space without leaving your home or school! 

This shopping experience lets you practise your money skills in a strange, out-of-this world setting, and see how the same money rules of Earth could be useful anywhere. You’ll have loads of fun exploring and buying alien gadgets, books, chocolates, etc. at the intergalactic shopping centre!    

Check out the Star Shopper app today! You can download it for free from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on a device that supports AR apps.  

Concepts covered include:

  • Comparative shopping
  • Impact of spending choices
  • Keeping track of spending
  • Saving money

Note: To enjoy this AR app, you will also need the Star Shopper comic book. If you didn’t get the comic book at school, you can download the book for free using the link below. 

For the best experience, print out the comic book (in colour or black and white). If you don’t have a printer, open the comic book on another device, e.g. a tablet and lay the screen flat. If the screen is too reflective, the experience may not work very well.