What Do We Teach?

Specifically tailored to each individual age group our award-winning ASB GetWise workshops for Primary and Intermediate schools deliver world-class face-to-face content in entertaining, educative, and exciting ways. Our professionally-trained facilitators tailor their delivery to the individual needs of each class in order to attain maximum impact while maintaining the key financial literacy concepts based on the New Zealand curriculum, the Financial Capabilities Framework, and global best practice in financial literacy education.

All workshops are completely free and are not used to sell or promote banking products or services with Primary workshops designed to run for a length of between 30 minutes (Stage 0) and 45 minutes (Stage 1 – 3) while the Intermediate workshop (Stage 4) is optimised to fit into a 1 hour time frame.

Here’s what each workshop offers:

Stage 0 (New Entrant/Year 1)

With our really young age groups (or new starters) the focus is on the very basics, with our facilitator as Superhero ‘Captain Cashtastic’ delivering a workshop of games and activities that encourage the children to ‘summon their saving super-power‘ and become their own Cashtastic Superheroes by figuring out what this thing called ‘money’ actually is, how to identify it, and most importantly – why they should keep it safe!

Concepts covered include:

  • What money is.
  • Identifying notes and coins.
  • Saving, and the importance of keeping money safe.

Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2)

‘Captain Cashtastic’ is back! Encouraging the children through the core foundations of financial literacy with fun activities, stories, games (and a bit of theatrical flair) to take immediate action by training students to become Cashtastic Superheroes. Working through the basics of understanding and identifying the value of money before leading into prioritising needs over wants and the important practice of saving, spending, and sharing.

Concepts covered include:

  • Identifying money and its value.
  • How we earn money.
  • Identifying needs and wants.
  • The importance of purchasing needs before wants.
  • Learning to Save, Spend, and Share.

Stage 2 (Year 3 and 4)

Stage 2 introduces students to ‘Coach Cash’ who whips Year 3 and 4 students into action to become lean, mean, and financially fit ‘Cashletes’, ready to take on the myriad events of the inaugural Money Games! Focusing a lot around the issues of spending, Coach Cash wastes no time in getting the students to practise understanding the different forms of money and where it comes from, before sending them on an assault course of earning with the dreaded ‘Chore-athon’, and the value of patience and smart-thinking with the ‘Supermarket’ challenge.

Concepts covered include:

  • Where money comes from.
  • Debit cards.
  • Earning money through chores or pocket money.
  • How to save through spending.
  • Comparative shopping.

Stage 3 (Year 5 and 6)

At an age where independence and a transition from Primary into Intermediate school beckons Stage 3 gets to the heart of inspiring Year 5 and 6 students to start being much more creative and entrepreneurial with their earnings, saving and spending. Students explore the opportunity to start saving now and the power of interest while helping set-up and reach their very own CASH goals.

Concepts covered include:

  • Setting up a savings goal.
  • Different ways to earn.
  • Establishing a small business.
  • Earning interest.
  • Using a CASH goal (or basic budget) to get the things you want.

Stage 4 (Year 7 and 8)

The ASB GetWise Intermediate workshop delivers a unique face-to-face workshop experience for student financial literacy development tailored specifically to the Year 7 to 8 year group. This workshop builds upon the tenets of our Primary programme and has a distinct future focus on planning, saving, and spending. From stepping through their first ‘Get What You Want Plan’, students then leverage their decision making skills to compete in a ‘cash-clever’ quest to make their dream holiday a reality.

Concepts covered include:

  • Income and Expenses.
  • Budgeting: Making a plan to get what you want!
  • Spending money: Credit cards and dealing with debt.
  • Making good decisions: Currency exchange, insurance and hidden costs.

Teacher Resources:

Students are not the only ones to gain from an ASB GetWise facilitator visit. Alongside our world-class financial literacy workshops are world-class resources to assist teachers in furthering their students learning.

Upon booking a workshop teachers gain access to age-specific games, activities, and other interactive financial literacy resources. These resources range from quick 15 – 30 minute exercises to term-long (or longer) projects to easily adapt to the shifting needs of a busy classroom.