ASB in Your School Community

ASB has been operating in New Zealand since 1847. Giving back to our local communities has always been important to ASB, which is why we lobbied the Government back in 1906 to pass a bill that meant ASB, a trustee savings bank in those days, could give money directly to the community. We also introduced school banking way back in 1926, reinvigorating our banking offering for students with the introduction of School Account Managers across New Zealand at the beginning of the 2009 school year.

The ASB GetWise programme is one of a number of education and literacy initiatives that we at ASB bring to schools across New Zealand. We know that good financial habits start at an early age so we have been committed for many years to helping the next generation of New Zealanders learn about money, earning, saving and budgeting, then as they get older – student life, leaving home, work and managing debt. Having several years of experience working with schools and children under our belt, we are excited about the opportunities the ASB GetWise financial literacy programme brings to our schools, teachers and primary age students across New Zealand.

But ASB’s partnership with the school community is not limited to financial literacy and education. Our people sit on school boards, assist with governance, support school principals’ associations, and support professional leadership development as well as providing overseas fellowships for principals. Encouraging school students to make the most of the diverse opportunities that are available to them is also important to ASB, evidenced by our active community partnerships with cultural festivals like ASB Polyfest, supporting a range of enterprise and literacy programmes delivered by the Young Enterprise Trust, and sponsoring the activities of ASB College Sport. In 2008 we even trained 1,000 students in CPR on one day to celebrate the launch of our “working together” partnership with St John.

If you would like to find out more about ASB’s school banking opportunities, please click on this link now to go through to the ASB website. School banking can be found under the Personal tab – Banking with ASB/ASB School Banking.