Feedback From Schools

“What a gem of a programme. Children totally focused, engaged and interested. Vanepale has a great connection with the children. He made it fun and certainly got the message across and the children thinking. During morning tea duty I had 3 girls approach me all excited with their plan to start their own specialist milkshakes business with it all costed out and approaching peers to see what were most popular and would sell. Great to see how infectious it had become and how excited the children were about it. Money talks with kids.”

– Tawhero Primary School

“My Junior team of teachers were very impressed with Amie, especially when we heard that she was new to the job. We thought there are a good mixture of participation and listening in her lesson and that the lesson and the content was appropriately pitched to 5 and 6 year olds. The kids especially loved the wristbands!”

– Pegasus Bay School

“Get Wise was so much fun! The kids were well engaged and had lots of fun learning to spend, save, and share! Stimulating and fun way to share valuable lifelong knowledge. The kids really enjoyed the lesson and the follow up tasks were also useful. Gary was very enthusiastic and keen to share and discuss teaching and learning ideas with me after the session. Thank you for sharing and teaching with me and the children at St Therese.”

– St Therese School (Three Kings)

“We have just had our session with Meshell Armistead and I wanted to let you know that she was fantastic. Our Year 7 and 8 students can be challenging to engage and she had them engaged for the entire session. We are a school that is 76% Maori and 17% Pasifika and she was able to relate and get down to the level that the students needed to understand the importance of sensible “wise” spending and saving. She was the right facilitator for our school.”

– Redhill School

“The instructor – Tessa Knight is fantastic! She was punctual, well prepared, has a quiet manner but manages any class level with ease. Her content knowledge is good and she knows how to deliver it. She is a confident instructor. Thanks Tessa!!! Our thanks to ASB for sponsoring this programme. We appreciate your support in our students’ financial literacy.”

– Glenbrae School

“Evan set the boundaries and expectations for the children very clearly at the start of the lesson. There was appropriate use of humour. Children were kept moving to ensure they were focused. Great use of Te Reo throughout the lesson. Children were given constant positive reinforcement for good behaviour and polite contributions.”

– Valley Road School

“You were awesome how you incorporated Maori language into your lesson. You were organised and well timed, didn’t spend too long on one idea. Kids were engaged and excited! Topics that linked to year 5 & 6 we would love you back!!! Great story teller! Knew the lids names, can tell you have a genuine love for kids.”

– Otorahanga School

“Fantastic expression. Read the children really well in terms of getting them moving when they were getting wriggly. Kept their attention for the full 50mins. Lots of movement and actions. Tessa you are FANTASTIC! We wish we had a teacher like you!!!”

– Kaukapakapa School

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